Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I wasn't exactly feeling supported today. I know it costs a lot of money to buy organic food. So I bought half organic and half regular. But I felt like I wasn't being supported beyond that. I feel like the world is staring back at me saying, you say you are going to change, but are you going to go back to your old ways in a short while?

Yes I am keeping daily to-do lists, and checklists, and writing down motivational quotes, and regularly checking my weekly schedule. But what if I get tired of it and jump off the tracks and come bumping to a halt? I guess that could happen, but I think I would be ok with it. If I made a healthy choice, its a healthy choice. If half my choices are healthy, thats better than all my choices being unhealthy. I can look back and say, "i got a lot accomplished! I learned a lot about myself that will help me in the future!"

What I'm really trying to do is create habits. So I don't have to include brushing AND flossing my teeth on my daily checklist, because I already do it. So I'm already thinking about dinner in the morning, and I've already learned how to cook it haha. So when the time comes that my life gets in the way I am still goal oriented and have my priorities engrained in me. I see it as an investment.

Today (well yesterday, since its 12:15am) I did a lot! I slept in :), then I went to Yoga, which I plan on doing every Tuesday, and I cooked lunch and dinner, and taught piano lessons, and took a shower, and went grocery shopping, and nursed my baby a bunch. I didn't finish folding the laundry... So weighing my goods and bads, it was good.

I love my kids. I had fun getting on my tummy with Eva during her playtime. And Diego and I made chalk pictures on black paper of spiders and pumpkins and ghosts. Diego didn't want to be a good listener today, and that wore on my patience. But Eva was happy and giggly. There is balance in all things, just like i learned and practiced in Yoga.

And there is even balance in my opposition. The world (and certain people) might say my success won't last, but i'm pushing right back, saying, "Yes, it will."

Friday, November 13, 2009

Pictures with our new camara

Rattlesnake Lake

Halloween Night

It was raining, let me rephrase that. POURING. But we had fun. We stripped diego when we got done and had him take a warm bath. He grabbed his pumpkin the next morning and was ready to do it again, he even tried to walk to the neighbors house for more candy. We had to tell him he had to wait til next year.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Carving Pumpkins

Romeo and Leah Hike Little Si

Diego Sleeping

He LOVES sleeping on the floor. He puts his pillow right under his head, and his blankets are usually perfectly draped over himself. This example has him sleeping with his dinosaurs.